Go Further …

Decades of political, scientific and campaigning experience and expertise gathered in Paris at the Oceanographic Institute to explore Antarctica, Today and Tomorrow. In his opening video message, His Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monaco, noted that securing agreement on the Ross Sea marine protected area has inspired us to use our experience, “to go further”.

His Serene Highness was speaking via video from Monaco and emphasised the need to develop a network of marine protected areas in East Antarctica.

This message was echoed throughout the day with calls not only for France, Australia and the EU to deliver the East Antarctica marine protected area, but for all the members of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources to agree marine protected areas in Weddell Sea and Antarctic Peninsular by 2020 – the bicentenary of the first sighting of Antarctica and the call of #Antarctica2020.



Additional notable contributions came from:

His Excellency Stephen Brady, Ambassador of Australia to France
Brice Lalonde, President of the French Académie de l’Eau, Former Environment Minister in Michel Rocard’s Government (1988-1992)
Jim Barnes, Founder, Antarctic & Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC)
Kelly Rigg, Greenpeace Antarctica Campaign Coordinator (1984-1992), Director, The Varda Group
Professor Thomas Stocker, University of Bern, Former Co-Chair WG 1, IPCC
Anne-Catherine Ohlmann, CEO, Fondation Université Grenoble Alpes, ICE Memory Project
Professor Françoise Gaill, Scientific Director, Ocean & Climate Platform
His Excellency Serge Ségura, Roving Ambassador for Ocean Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Professor Philippe Koubbi, UPMC, Museum of Natural History, Paris
Anne-Gaelle Verdier, Deputy Director of Environment, Southern Seas & Antarctic Territories, France
Ryan Dolan, The Pew Charitable Trusts
Dr. Jean-Louis Étienne, Polar Explorer

  • HE Stephen Brady on Australia's role in #Antarctica ©IISD/ENB/Jams Van Alstine
  • Professor Robert Calcagno, CEO of the magnificent Oceanographic Institute ©IISD/ENB/Jams Van Alstine
  • Brice Lalonde sharing the stage with Kelly Rigg, Jim Barnes & Claire Nouvian ©IISD/ENB/Jams Van Alstine
  • Jim Barnes speaking on the need for protection for #Antarctica ©IISD/ENB/Jams Van Alstine
  • Remi Parmentier from Varda Group moderating a discussion with Professor Thomas Stocker, Anne-Catherine Ohlmann & Professor Françoise Gaill ©IISD/ENB/Jams Van Alstine
  • HE Serge Segura giving the keynote speech at #Antarctica Today & Tomorrow ©IISD/ENB/Jams Van Alstine
  • Professor Philippe Koubbi with Anne-Gaelle Verdier, Ryan Dolan and Uta Bellion ©IISD/ENB/Jams Van Alstine
  • Nicole Aussedat wrapping up the proceedings ©IISD/ENB/Jams Van Alstine
  • Dr. Jean-Louis Étienne, Polar Explorer closing the #Antarctica Today & Tomorrow event in Paris ©IISD/ENB/Jams Van Alstine


report of the day was compiled by the International Institute for Sustainable Development Knowledge Hub, and it can be viewed in full …